Blanket Statements is a One-for-One Company Helping Women's Shelters

 - Jul 29, 2011
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Many North Americans are fortunate enough to have safe housing and environments to live in, but there are still those who aren't as privileged and may occasionally require the assistance of their peers -- that's where Blanket Statements comes in.

Blanket Statements is a blanket manufacturing company that allows buyers to, "buy a blanket, [and] donate a blanket." Following along in the footsteps of the now-popular TOMS one-for-one model, the company donates one blanket to a woman's shelter for every blanket sold. Customers can also personalize the donations with a message of encouragement, either one from a pre-selected list or one entirely made up. Blanket Statements' initiative is truly one that warms people's hearts.

The team at Blanket Statements chose to sell comforters because they feel it offers people solace and security during turbulent times.

Those hesitant about purchasing goods from Blanket Statement's collection of comforters need not worry as they offer quite an eclectic and fashionable selection. From red rippled blankets to graffiti heart afghans, customers will surely enjoy their new snuggle companions as much as those receiving their donation.

If you'd like to learn more about Blanket Statements, feel free to inquire via their contact information.

Contact Information:
Blanket Statements Website
PO Box 495
Spring Grove, Illinois
United States