Lilly Pulitzer's Animal Cracker Designs for Charity

As part of an effort for Operation Smile, an organization that benefits children with cleft lip and facial deformities, Lilly Pulitzer has designed limited edition Animal Cracker boxes. Using the special "Cracker Tracker" to locate these editions, fans of Pulitzer and Animal Crackers can hunt the crunchy animal treats down and donate to a great cause in the process. The preppy, pink designs by Pulitzer will no doubt pull in some great revenue for animal crackers and Operation Smile. C'mon, who doesn't love Animal Crackers?

Designers teaming up with charities has led to some great successes. These Animal Cracker boxes allow everyone to get in on the fun and experience the joy of not only the design, the content, and helping give kids all over the world a better chance at a good life.