From Tormented Childhood Illustrations to Naughty Fantasy Art

 - Jun 17, 2011
Every so often, when I should be getting ready to fall asleep, I enjoy hunting the Internet for nightmare inducers just because my curiosity can't resist what I know is out there. These occurrences are always followed by hours of deep regret as I stay awake with the lights in my room on. But there's definitely a lot of nightmare fuel floating around on the Internet and you'd be surprised to discover the various forms it takes on.

The most common of the nightmare inducers readily available for people's viewing pleasure is surrealistic artwork, often involving macabre and grotesque scenarios. But even creepier than that is seeing crawlies and critters being placed on babies for traumatizing photo shoots. Seeing children's toys with disfigurements and awkward proportions can also be quite unnerving, but I think all of the realistic zombie depictions out there will be the thing to keep me up tonight.