Meet Uli the Ovivore and His Whimsical Cohort

 - Oct 10, 2009   Updated: Jul 21 2011
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Artist Jessica Fortner has shared her wild woodland nightmares with the world. Starting here with Uli the Ovivore, her creations range from whimsical to terrifying.

Fortner showed her wacky woodland creatures at the C1 Art Space “All Dolled Up” show in Toronto, Canada. The artist first crafts these creations from a variety of materials, then photographs them. Jessica Fortner is based in Toronto, Canada, also home to these wacky woodland creatures.

Implications - Consumers are looking to reconnect with nature, having been overwhelmed with technological advancements in the last decade. This is because they can readily empathize with nature more so than sterile technology. Corporations can satiate this consumer desire to return to more naturalistic lifestyles by utilizing organic and nature-inspired textiles in the products.