Nemo Gould Robots

 - Sep 11, 2008
References: nemomatic & core77
Nemo Gould's recycled robot sculptures are made almost entirely with found objects, but Gould would rather you focus on these objects' current iteration--as some seriously creepy robots.

Robot sculptures are typically fairly demure, nothing particularly frightening. Gould's recycled retro variety, however, with eyes that gleam ominously and fear-inducing curved mouths replete with jagged teeth, are the stuff of nightmares and Tim Burton films.

Implications - ***Try to focus less on the actual trend (the Nemo Gould Robots) and think about broader themes, like upcycling or why society has a love affair with robots and Tim Burton-esque items.

Nemo Gould's robots are created entirely from found objects. These artistic creations can be seen as stemming from the green movement that prizes efficiency of materials and closing the consumption loop. Companies wanting to appeal to a younger demographic should implement an eco-initiative within their product line.