From Frosted Dessert Manicures to Sparkling Snowflake Nails

 - Apr 13, 2012
If you have any interest whatsoever in nail art and manicure designs, then these incredible nail art innovations are going to blow your mind. Make sure you're sitting down for this, because you are about to be swept off your feet by these pretty fingertips.

It's no secret that nail art has become a hugely popular outlet of creativity in recent years, with countless Tumblr accounts, Twitter accounts and blogs dedicated solely to the art of the manicure.

Whether you prefer to do your nails yourself or you make a trip to the nail salon a few times a month, these nail art innovations are right up your alley.

From Pikachu to skeletons, diamonds, bacon and even political figured, it seems that you can truly paint anything on your nails with these nail art innovations.