The Illustrated Nail Tumblr Creates Beautifully Vibrant Designs

The Illustrated Nail tumblr is dedicated to letting your nails take centre stage when it comes to your beauty routine. It's latest creation of florals is perfect for the vibrant season of summer.

Painting your nails a fun color is a great way to personalize your look without overdoing it. With everything from subtle yellow to bold fuchsia, the floral nail art offered by The Illustrated Nail tumblr fits everyone's needs.

Take a look at The Illustrated Nail tumblr for some inspiration on how to do your nails the next time you decide to add some razzle dazzle to those hands.

Implications - Shoppers in the contemporary sphere are no longer attracted to products that let them blend in. Designs that feature a more vibrant aesthetic are appealing to those who want to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Companies could focus on this bolder style when coming out with their items in order to generate a greater interest in their brand.