Cute Polish Shows You How to Sport the Headlines as a Manicure

Tired of the same old manicure? Spice it up with these newspaper nails by 'Cute Polish' and rock the headlines in style. Newspaper ink rubbing off on your hands is nothing new and this process is just as easy: all you'll need is scissors, nail polish base coat, pale nail polish color, any newspaper, alcohol (such as vodka or other clear spirits) and top coat. The video tutorial was created by none other than Cute Polish, a popular YouTube channel with how-to nail guides.

To get these stylin' newspaper nails, pour the alcohol in a glass and cut small newspaper pieces big enough to cover your nails. Apply your base coat, varnish and polish, and when your nails are dry, soak them in the alcohol. Cover your nails with small pieces of newspaper and then slowly remove the paper. This will leave the ink on the nail surface. Once it dries, apply a layer of top coat and voilà! Newspaper nails à la Cute Polish.