From Sensual Boudoir Spreads to Edgy Emotive Editorials

 - Aug 15, 2011
The simplistic nature and beauty of monochromatic fashion shoots is one that is still prominent in today’s market and it continues to grow in appeal. Despite living in a modern world where people have access to a wide range of colors and bright photography, fashion lovers, photographers and consumers still prefer to simple and chic beauty of black-and-white photography. From risqué beach photography to fun and flirty fashion design collections, these monochromatic fashion shoots appeal to growing crowd of people that still look to Old Hollywood glamor.

There is something absolutely romantic and mature about the black-and-white aesthetic. Perhaps because of the heavy exposure to the intense colors that patrons see today, they are looking for a softer and more visually pleasing alternative. Whatever the reason for for this shift in fashion photography is, the bottom line is that it is beautiful.