Curling Bait by Abhishek Sharma has a Washed Up Winsomeness

An attentive use of lighting is integral in the art of photography, and Curling Bait by Abhishek Sharma exploits intense rays of the sun against the organic reflective textures of the ocean's shore. Male model Nitin Gupta is pictured in this series of sultry spreads, bathing in the sea and beached upon the sand, allowing the furling waves to lap over his bare chest and arms.

Wearing nothing but a pair of pants, the subject of these snapshots assumes a relaxed personality, but he's engaging wholeheartedly in his natural surroundings. Soaking up the sun and the cool splashes of water, Nitin reminds the observer of the intense sensory experiences that the planet offers generously. Giving the editorial further poetic sensuousness, a monochromatic color scheme gives Curling Bait by Abhishek Sharma the ability to bathe one's eyes.