The GQ Style Italia SS 2011 Series is a Badass Dose of Dash

Think of this spread as a modern day 'The Outsiders,' where uber hip fashions and fearless photography meet to give you the 'White Gang Riot' featured in GQ Style Italia SS 2011. Models from Paolo Anchisi to Russell Giardina and Mitch Norris to name a few, work their badass attitudes to promote this summer's fashions.

With the magical eye of photographer Kai Z Feng and stylists Andrea Tenerani and Vilnius, this shoot's European flair is juxtaposed against a gangster-type appeal, where Louis Vuitton scarves add the right amount of sexy for this summer. There couldn't be any other way to promote this year's GQ Style Italia SS 2011 than in black and white photography, all to emphasize its artistic point of view with the most current fashions GQ has to offer.