Art Fame by Taka Mayumi Shocases Bold Loots in Monochrome

The development of color photography came with enthusiasm, but images like those found in Art Fame by Taka Mayumi prove that the beauty of black and white pictures can be attributed to the way the monochrome media captures more depth.

True to the historical greyscale scheme, Linda Vojtova sports flamboyant ensembles with a mid-20th century flair. Exaggerated sleeves and fluffy gowns give the black garments an added supremacy over the soft backdrops and the pale skin of the model.

Where skin isn't covered by big bolts of fabric, the girl divulges a classic athleticism in her lean body with her long toned legs. With fashion and form working so well together, outlandish accessories line Linda's fingers, forearms and neck in Art Fame by Taka Mayumi.