From Organic Beauty Collections to All-Natural Soap Subscriptions

 - May 31, 2015
These May 2015 cosmetics trends range from organic beauty collections to artistic makeup applications that celebrate whimsical aesthetics. As the fashion industry embraces opulence yet again, the return of illusionary makeup artistry is in full effect. The month's fashion editorials and artist projects reject practicality and instead illustrate the heightened level of artistry a makeup expert must possess.

When it comes to accessible products, raw and all-natural collections are on the rise and are winning out over chemically-enhanced makeup and skincare lines. While organic Middle Eastern cosmetics draw inspiration from historical beauty rituals, homemade hair powder tutorials show one how to keep locks clean with an inexpensive and natural solution.

On the marketing front, these May 2015 cosmetics feature vibrant labels and sculptural bottles that mimic kid-friendly cartoon characters. The popularity of this branding is not only synonymous with alternative cosmetic labels but is also becoming embraced among heritable brands who wish to appeal to millennial consumers.