The Iba Halal Care Cosmetics are Ethically and Hygienically Manufactured

Iba Halal Care is an Indian cosmetics brand that aims to create an entirely new category of cosmetic products -- halal cosmetics. The term 'halal' means 'lawful' or 'permissible' in Islamic culture; these products are claimed to be hygienic and ethically manufactured. While the main target market appears to be Muslim women, the products are gaining popularity across cosmetics.

The Iba Halal Care packaging is designed with the Muslim consumer in mind, and bears visual elements that are feminine but modest at the same time. The artwork on the packages is suitably exotic, with the main brand name 'Iba' scrawled on them in clear, distinguishable font.

The branding and packaging, designed by Mumbai-based ad agency Cut The Crap, intelligently marks out Iba Halal Care among the slew of cosmetics on store shelves.