- Oct 19, 2018
These maximalist fashion examples range from hand-painted tribute sneakers to bespoke PVC outerwear. While the fashion industry's obsession with minimalism and functionality continues to reign supreme, maximalism is once again gaining prevalence as more reject simplicity in exchange for loud patterns, unconventional silhouettes and statement pieces that solely serve an artful purpose.

Standouts in the runway sphere include the Adidas by Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2019 collection which fuses goth-inspired looks with exaggerated 80s silhouettes and a vivid color scheme. Other favorites include the artful Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2019 capsule which embodies a punk rock aesthetic while featuring models in full body paint. Another, the Rick Owens' sci-fi-themed Spring/Summer 2019 range, marries sculptural garments with geometric headpieces.

Other maximalist fashion examples to note include Balenciaga's pastel-hued logo shirts that boast a plastic construction and Botter's whimsical line of plastic waste fashions. The latter is not only a creative and humor-filled line but is also reflective of a serious environmental issue -- the plastic crisis.

From Hand-Painted Tribute Sneakers to Bespoke PVC Outerwear: