PrettyLittleThing's Disco Carnival Offers Bright Statement Pieces

Knowing that many people put great care into the looks that they sport during Coachella, PrettyLittleThing created a fun festival fashion collection on the theme of 'Disco Carnival.'

True to its name, the collection blends retro styles with bright colors, offering a number of standout statement pieces to complete eye-catching head-to-toe looks. The Disco Carnival collection is modeled by singer and actress Christina Milian, Australian model Shanina Shaik and English designer Nicole Williams.

Some of the most dynamic pieces in the Disco Carnival range include flared sequin trousers, feather bandeaus and matching hot pants, as well as a few cow print ensembles. As a whole, the collection encourages one to boldly embrace over-the-top festival style during this year's summer season.