- Jul 1, 2019
The June 2019 eco trends highlight a range of sustainable initiatives that aim to decrease waste and emissions, generate more awareness for climate change, and much more.

One example that's included is the Southern Co-op compostable carrier bag, a sustainable alternative to the typical plastic shopping bag. Instead of using harmful plastics, the bags are made from corn starch, allowing them to naturally deteriorate without ending up in landfills. Although the company still encourages the use of reusable bags in its stores, it understands that the need for convenience needs to be addressed, and its compostable bags provide an affordable and accessible solution.

Another example comes from Eco Meal Prep, an Australian label that was first introduced on Kickstarter. The brand launched a series of bento box-style glass containers, providing consumers with a non-toxic, durable, and eco-friendly alternative to low-quality plastic takeout containers.

From Plant-Based Food Packaging to Zero-Waste Razor Designs: