Klaus Littmann is Envisioning an Immersive Tree Installation

 - May 17, 2019
References: klauslittmann & dezeen
The tree installation that is arranged in collaboration between curator Klaus Littmann and Enea Landscape Architecture is projected to be "Austria's largest public art installation." Dubbed 'For Forest,' the work will feature 300 trees planted in the Wörthersee stadium which is the home base of the football team Austria Klagenfurt.

Klaus Littmann was fascinated and inspired by 'The Unending Attraction of Nature' —a drawing by local architect and artist Max Peintner. Bringing physicality to this creative thought in the form of a tree installation is a testimony of how art can grow and inform itself in an interdisciplinary way. Littmann foresees that the vegetation of 'For Forest' could be observed only when one is in the Wörthersee stadium. Moreover, the professionals carefully selected the species for the tree installation, focusing on examples that instill a classic European forest.