- Jul 1, 2019
The June 2019 home round-up is budding with examples of innovative products that will bring consumer lifestyles to a higher level of relaxation. A lot of these gadgets are tech-forward, signifying that brands are consistently introducing new technology to the environment of the house.

The majority of the gadgets in the June 2019 home list have to do with maintenance. From Sencentric's convenience-focused wireless leak detector to Aquatrend's sanitizing UV toothbrush holder, one can rest at ease that house problems will be caught in their early stages. Other fancy but accessible home products include the TruSens 360-degree air purifier by ACCO Brands, as well as the iRobot Braava 380t which is a self-sufficient and battery-operated floor-mopping robot.

From Mineral Detergent Alternatives to Sanitizing UV Toothbrush Holders: