TruSens Pulls in Air from All Directions to Capture Allergens & Particles

 - Apr 30, 2019
References: trusens & prnewswire
ACCO Brands is adding the powerful TruSens air purifiers to its portfolio, offering a simple way for consumers who are passionate about health and wellness to improve the quality of indoor air in the home.

Unlike many air purifiers that are designed to sit in a corner and clean only its immediate surroundings or others with flat filters, TruSens air purifiers have 360-degree filtration systems. While the design of the unit is intentionally minimalist and can be discreetly placed in the corner of one's room, the system is powerful enough to effectively capture microscopic particles, allergens, volatile organic components and gases. Once contained, the system's Ultraviolet Sterilization light destroys germs and viruses to prevent impurities from being recirculated throughout the home environment.

At a glance, homeowners will be able to quickly check the air quality, as the system boasts a color-coded display to identify good, moderate or poor air quality.