- May 19, 2019
The May 2019 life list is a mixed bag of products that are meant to enhance living situations, entertain, alleviate anxiety and the like.

As reality TV shows are on the rise again, streaming services like Netflix are beginning to source and test out ideas. One of the more recent launches is an inclusive, app-themed dating show called 'Dating Around' that puts LGBTQ+ couples in the spotlight. TV programming has also turned radical as a group of individuals launched a 10-week campaign for a streaming service that will showcase leftist, post-capitalist content from underrepresented political stances.

Aside from entertainment, the May 2019 life trends also zero in on some more literal offerings — from bespoke planter cremation urns to Georgia Institute of Technology's contraceptive earrings.

From Premium First Aid Kits to Post-Capitalist Streaming Platforms: