- May 19, 2019
The May 2019 home round-up exhibits some commitments to the smart home through products that are driven by intuitive technology, as well as some holistically inclined collections. An item that fulfills both those categories is the 360-degree air purifier by ACCO. Dubbed 'TruSens,' the smart tech pulls harmful microparticles from the environment, as well as common allergens and the like. Other extensions of this category include an all-in-one robotic floor cleaner and a two-step motion detector.

Another emphasis in the May 2019 home list is put on free-from cleaning supplies. Target Everspring, for example, is a brand that allows consumers to shop in an affordable manner and utilize products that are chemical- and toxin-free and that utilize clean formulas consisting of natural fibers, bio-based or recycled materials.

From Refillable Cleaning Kits to Shimmering Wall Glaze Finishes: