Bottle Bright's Bottle Cleaners Scour Without Soaps or Scrubbing

 - Apr 23, 2019
References: bottlebright & fastcompany
Now that many people are making the switch to reusable drinking bottles in favor of single-use plastic containers, they are also investing in a variety of bottle cleaner accessories like brushes. Bottle Bright sets itself apart with an innovative alternative that helps to clean a wide variety of drinking vessels without the need for soap, scrubbing or even a sink.

Bottle Bright offers safe, effective, natural and biodegradable cleaning tablets that can be dropped into bottles and beverage containers with water to fizz and remove even the toughest stains. The environmentally friendly tablets can be used on everything from stainless steel and plastic to glass, porcelain, silicone and metal, which is especially useful for those who love to sip more than water while they are on the go.

The non-toxic, chlorine-free bottle cleaner formula is powered by simple ingredients like baking soda, citrus fruits, hydrogen peroxide, salts, wood pulp, plants and minerals.