Gaia Green's All Purpose 4-4-4 Solution is a Non-Toxic Fertilizer

 - Apr 10, 2019
References: gaiagreen
Gaia Green's All Purpose 4-4-4 solution is a non-toxic fertilizer that helps plants grow without relying on harsh and harmful chemicals. The product is ideal for growing vegetables, flowers, grass, trees and shrubs, boasting "slow-release nutrients that feed the soil which feeds your plants all season long."

The All Purpose 4-4-4 solution gives plants the necessary nutrients they need to grow healthy while improving soil structure at the same time. Derived from safe contents like alfalfa meal, kelp meal. bone meal, feather meal, fishbone meal, potassium sulphate, rock dust, fossilized carbon complex and more, the product is ideal for health and eco-conscious consumers -- especially those concerned about food toxins or pet owners seeking a safe garden for man's best friend.