Narwal is a Fully Automatic Mop and Vacuum System for the Home

 - Apr 18, 2019
References: kickstarter
Narwal is a next-gen robotic floor cleaner in the form of a self-cleaning robot mop and vacuum system. This system introduces consumers to "Floor Cleaning 4.0" and an experience that goes above and beyond traditional and handheld mops and brooms, as well as semi-automatic floor-cleaning systems.

The fully automatic mop and vacuum robot promises a completely hands-free experience, helping to address some of the pitfalls of semi-automatic systems—by introducing automatic washing and drying of the mop component, as well as a high-capacity water tank that doesn’t need to be refilled after only a single use. As such, the base station for Narwal boasts a two-bucket system that keeps wastewater and clean water separated.

Narwal boasts other intelligently designed features, such as a powerful motor, ultra-fine microfiber mop pads and smart mapping to effortlessly navigate the home and avoid "no-go zones."