- Feb 24, 2019
The top February 2019 robot trends include bots that deliver food on college campuses, take care of mundane tasks like mowing the lawn and much more.

Within the world of robotics, one of the most well-known and advanced models is Sophia, a bot that is now joined by a miniature AI-powered model dubbed Little Sophia by Hanson Robotics. Like many kid-friendly robots, this household bot is capable of helping with various aspects of learning and play around the house. Beyond taking human-like forms, as seen in Sophia and Little Sophia, some of the newest robot innovations specifically take on complex traits to support companionship and provide joy through humor.

Out in the world, robots are becoming integral parts of warehouses, bars and restaurants that place a premium on automation and efficiency.

From Artful Coding Robots to Comedic Robot Duos: