These Autonomous Robots Deliver Food to Hungry University Students

 - Jan 23, 2019
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Anyone who's been through university can relate to feeling tremendous pangs of hunger while pulling an all-nighter before a big exam or recovering from a hangover, but hungry students at George Mason University will now be able to summon food to themselves by using high-tech food delivery robots.

Offered by Starship Technologies, this campus food delivery service requires students to use a simple smartphone app to order food from eligible restaurants, much like UberEats. However, the difference here is that food is delivered by a robot that navigates by using an array of sensors and 360-degree cameras. A flat rate of $1.99 is then charged to the student's credit card.

By combining two burgeoning markets in food delivery and robotics, Starship Technologies is ensuring that students and educators at George Mason University can fill their tummies with minimal fuss.