Vermont Farm Table Offers Quality Designs & Same-Day Shipping

 - May 11, 2019
References: vermontfarmtable & prnewswire
The Hunter + Gatherer Collection from Vermont Farm Table specifically appeals to the modern consumer who is looking for high-quality craftsmanship, convenience and same-day shipping. The company's high-end, easy-to-assemble furniture is crafted with responsibly sourced solid wood and is shipped directly to consumers in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging.

As Vermont Farm Table owner Dustin Glasscoe describes, "Today's anti-throw away consumer wants furniture that will last. Until now, the choice has been tables that are cheaply made and readily available, waiting two or three months for something custom that in many cases is not being made domestically, or working with a small local craftsperson." Thanks to its unique approach to craft and quality, Vermont Farm Table notes that its possible for a customer to place an order on a weekday and have a new table ready for entertaining on the weekend.