- Jun 21, 2015
As seen in the top June 2015 interactive trends, the use of websites, vending machines, packaging, apps and emerging social media platforms are just a few of the ways brands are encouraging engagement.

Although in-store and online content prove to be popular ways to get at a consumer, brands are channeling their efforts into unconventional places for the ultimate surprise, delight and responses. For instance, Japan's Yaocho bar developed a series of beer coasters printed with a thermochemical ink, which spreads a harrowing message about domestic violence. An equally unexpected place to find an advertisement is within an ice sculpture, like the ones Brazil's Beneficência Portuguesa Hospital created to bring awareness to the importance of organ donations.

By setting up unusual advertisements in unexpected places, passionate consumers can't help but want to become part of the action or conversation sparked by a brand.

From Meaningful Activity Campaigns to Braille Drink Labels: