Wall's Ice Cream Truck Brings Sweet Treats & Huge Smiles to Office Employees

 - May 11, 2015
References: unilever & psfk
Wall's built its own miniature delivery truck to bring refreshingly delicious ice cream treats directly into office buildings. The tiny truck is a tactic used in Wall's 'Goodbye Serious' campaign that aims to infuse people's lives with a bit of playful fun.

The brightly colored delivery truck is white and features images of oversized ice cream cones and bars placed randomly on the exterior. It's complete with a red and white canopy and is just big enough to hold the driver and a freezer of sweets.

Loaded with Wall's best dessert options, the truck will role into an office building playing upbeat, whimsical music to draw the attention of busy office employees. As the employees are lured from their desks, they line up gushing with excitement. This clever scheme is a friendly reminder that even as an adult, everyone can still enjoy their favorite childhood treat!