From Mobile Bread Boutiques to Convenient Sushi Carts

 - Oct 12, 2015
These innovative food trucks range from mobile bread boutiques to sushi food carts that deliver quality and convenience to urban dwellers on the go. While the traditional food truck is often associated with fast food offerings like burgers, fries and funnel cakes, healthier options like Falasophy's Mediterranean menu and One Smart Bean's edamame cups are changing society's perception of mobile dining.

While food trucks and carts are no longer limited to specific locations or neighbourhoods, they are also becoming more sustainable than ever before. Winning examples include Amsterdam's Pief Paf Pofferje food cart -- a bicycle-powered mobile eatery that specializes in decadent pancakes and authentic beignets -- and Happy as Larry's converted pizza truck that is made from a discarded shipping container.

In addition to enhanced convenience, eco friendly business models and diversified menu options, modern food trucks are also redefining a casual image with luxe elements. A great example of this new image is Pump Street Bakery's coffee truck. The mobile cafe is elegantly branded and transforms a vintage truck into an upscale and local hotspot in Suffolk, England.