This Mobile Eatery Provides a Healthy Alternative to Other Street Food

 - Oct 10, 2015
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The 'Hardy Boys' and 'THB Disturbance' recently teamed up with 'The Fair Food Co.' to design a sustainable mobile eatery. While food trucks are not a new concept, many of these mobile restaurants feature similar designs. This edamame company puts an eco-friendly twist on the idea of a traditional food truck.

'One Smart Bean' is a mobile eatery that aims to provide a healthy alternative to other street food. Instead of serving deep-fried foods or decadent desserts, the truck sells fresh soy beans. Beyond providing a nutritious alternative to other food trucks, the company also strives to be more sustainable than a traditional mobile restaurant. The company uses recycled bean pods to make the paper for its take-away boxes. The company also transports its products via a three-wheeled tuk-tuk instead of a gas-guzzling truck.

One Smart Bean demonstrates how food trucks can make their businesses more sustainable by exploring alternative forms of transportation and waste management.