Amsterdam's Pief Paf Pofferje Cart Offers an Authentic Beignet Menu

 - Oct 12, 2015
Amsterdam's two-wheeled food cart Pief Paf Pofferje is known for its authentic and incredibly tasty beignet menu. The powdered sugar dessert is a favourite among locals and tourists alike but this mobile pastry shop's offering is a little different than most. In addition to its traditional beignet treats, Pief Paf Potterje's signature pancakes are a tribute to American street food and feature elaborate toppings like fried onions and hot sauce.

Referred to as "cowboys," this food cart's cycling chefs are recognized by a plaid shirt and cowboy hat uniform and are able to bake, sell and transport their products conveniently. While most traditional food trucks are larger in size, Peif Paf Potterje's business model is more cost effective while staying true to Amsterdam's eco-friendly cyclist culture.