From Energetic Airport Makeovers to Cannabis-Friendly Resorts

 - Jul 25, 2015
From minimalist airport makeovers that aim to inspire calm within busy passengers to ultra luxurious glamping resorts, there are plenty examples of patterns from other industries that can be observed in these July 2015 travel trends.

A movement that has been taking shape for quite some time within the travel industry is the fusing of hostel and hotels. As hotels in some senses are having trouble retaining millennial clients who seek out experience over material goods, many upscale accommodations are expanding their experience to offer a hybrid that incorporates the no frills amenities of a low-cost hostel.

Additionally, in states that recently began the process toward legalization of marijuana such as Colorado, intriguing cannabis-friendly vacation resorts are emerging. An example of this is Cannacamp, an all-inclusive cannabis-friendly resort on a 170-acre ranch located in the Durango, Colorado.