Artist Ariel Vocalino Draws Images of People from Google Street Maps

A new artistic project called 'The World Wide We' features a number of stunning faceless travel portraits all based from images viewed on Google Street Maps. The portraits are the work of Argentinian art director Ariel Vocalino, who has used the visual mapping tool as a way of traveling the world from the comfort of his own home.

Vocalino began the project by digitally traveling around his hometown of Buenos Aires via Google Street Maps. Vocalino then began to pick out random people he saw and use them as the subject of his delightful drawings. The result was a series of faceless portraits of everyday people in eye-catching outfits. From Buenos Aires he expanded the project to feature people he spotted across South America, Asia and now Africa.

The faceless travel portraits may be anonymous, but the subjects help to provide a unique perspective on the lives of everyday people in countries across the world.