The 'Smelly Maps' Project Helps You Explore the Urban Smellscape of Your City

'Smelly Maps' is a new project that is designed to help you nose your way through the urban smellscape. As many of us have observed, cities can be full of distinct and unusual smells that influence us on a daily basis. However, Smelly Maps wants to change how we think about our sense of smell by using it as means of navigation.

The maps were originally created by a team of researchers who observed the unique smells in various European cities on a series of walking tours. The team then combined this data with information from geo-specific social media tags to come up with what they call the 'Urban Smell Dictionary.' By blending advanced cartography, urban planning and social media, the team used their wealth of data to create visual representations of the smells that can be found in the cities they observed.

The Smelly Maps are designed to help change the way we understand the cities we live in and how the urban smellscape influences our daily interactions. While it may not appeal to everyone, Smelly Maps can be a unique way of exploring cities that are both familiar or foreign.