From Crowdsourced Mapping Apps to Scenic Route Map Apps

 - Nov 7, 2015
These navigation map apps not only help people to get around quickly and efficiently but also to see friends, drive along a scenic route and avoid harassment.

Aside from the more typical navigational map apps, there are apps like 'Hollaback!' that warns users of urban locations of previous accounts of harassment. There is also 'Line,' a location-sharing app that provides social media friends with access to each other's current locations while trying to meet.

There have also been more recent innovations in the less developed indoor mapping world, adding services like 'Inside' and Apple's crowd-sourcing 'Indoor Survey,' which both function a lot like Google Maps to direct users through buildings like shopping malls or airports. Many of these apps use smartphone's gyroscopes, accelerometers and sometimes even their cameras to scope out and develop the intricate maps of various places.