From Multi-Personality Celeb Editorials to Frost Queen Covers

 - Aug 29, 2012
The Interview Magazine Editorials are the main components that make up the famed 'The Crystal Ball Of Pop' publication.

The dynamic publication has a rich history that boasts iconic artist Andy Warhol as its creative leader. With a trajectory of features that are at the pulse of pop culture, the magazine's format has remained organic in its minimal editing of interviews with the world's celebrities, artist, musicians, politicians, socialites, creative thinkers and designers.

The fascinating insights into these innovative minds are accompanied by equally dynamic editorials. The often avant-garde fashion stories explore the edgy sides of each individual. From Jersey Shore Celebutorials to Fierce Cowgirl Fashion, each piece shines with stunning visuals. With superb content, and decadent visuals, the legacy of Andy Warhol will continue to live on in the content of Interview Magazine.