- Jan 28, 2013
These innovative skincare products give beauty queens out there a lot of options when it comes time to pampering themselves. Nothing says beauty like moisturized, vibrant and even toned skin. Many times, your skin is the first thing people notice about you when they meet you. Whether it's a well-moisturized hand shake at a networking party or a flawless face on a date, skin matters and these innovative skincare products help get the job done in their own ways.

First we have the weed-infused lotion, which actually acts as a therapy cream to suppress soreness and pain in the body.

Not all innovative skin care products come from the store shelf though. Do-it-yourself skin care products can come in many forms including the pore stripping idea by Petit Elephant, which consists of milk and unflavored gelatin.

From Weed-Infused Creams to Football-Inspired Lotions: