Samantha Szakolczay Creates a Fictional Altoids Skin Care Line

 - May 17, 2012
References: theszdesign & lovelypackage
Design student Samantha Szakolczay transformed the beloved breath mint 'Altoids' into a conveniently packaged lotion. Szakolczay created the lotion as part of a school assignment that challenged students to take a popular brand and develop a line of skin care products based on their choice. The packaging she designed to accompany this re-imagined product keeps with the aesthetics of the original. Additionally, the lotion's name 'Curious' also comes from the 'Altoids' well-known tagline.

'Altoids' lotion makes a strange kind of sense an it's surprising that it hasn't already graced store shelves. The powerful smell of curiously strong mint would be a pleasing scent to slap on after taking a shower or bath.

Bold, refreshing and pleasantly familiar, the 'Curious' skin care line may be fictional but it's completely covetable.