From Stunning Taser Phone Cases to Tampon Stun Guns

 - Jan 15, 2014
Criminals may want to think twice about using violence to get what they want now that the world is filled with so many unsuspecting stun gun designs. Nowadays, stun guns can be incorporated into just about any device. You can cram one into a camera, a phone case and even a pair of high heels.

The result is a personal protection tool that also serves a second function. This helps you feel safe wherever you are without having to lug around a giant weapon that serves only one purpose. The best part about all of these unsuspecting stun gun designs is the subtly with which they were designed. None of these flashlights, cameras or phone cases look anything like a Taser, which means that can incapacitate your would-be mugger simply by pretending to give him your phone.