The Yellow Jacket iPhone Case Will Literally Shock Unwanted Admirers

 - Jul 17, 2013
References: yellowjacketcase & lostateminor
Carrying both a taser and an iPhone can be tiring, but with the Yellow Jacket iPhone case, paranoid smartphone lovers can carry their iPhone and taser simultaneously without having to switch between the two items. This iPhone case comes fully equipped with an electrode cover, so the user doesn't accidentally tase him/herself, an activation button for a fast tase, and a safety switch, which can turn the case's tasing abilities on and off.

Named after the terrifying stinging capabilities of a Yellow Jacket wasp, this iPhone case is perfect for anyone who feels unsafe in their neighborhood. Able to eject a taser at an unbelievably quick speed, this iPhone case ensures that users will always be safe. Its convenient placement, on an item that most people are always carrying with them, along with its sleek design, makes this invention one of the most resourceful and innovative in the iPhone world.