The Immobilizer

 - Sep 22, 2007   Updated: Jul 12 2011
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Anybody can be a spy these days with all the electronic gear that is cleverly disguised as everyday items. Take this gizmo for example. It's a cell phone, right? WRONG! This bad boy (the Immobilizer) is a stun gun that can pack 900,000 volts of juice right to the juggler of Mr. Grabby. Then, you can turn on the LED flashlight function to find your real cell phone.

Implications - The widespread consumption of portable mobile devices in modern society has served as an outlet for other tech-oriented innovations to rise to mass consumption. Gadgets that incorporate the use of cellular devices -- usually by adding extra features or increasing a cell phone's capabilities -- are a hot market, as many consumers are regularly on the lookout for new and fresh technologies.