Badass Boats, from Sea Monster Yachts to Eco-Friendly Speedboats

 - Jan 3, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
One look at this slideshow of hot yachts is enough to spur anyone on to shoot for success. After all, a hot yacht is at once a mode of transportation and the destinationâ€"especially if there's plenty of champagne on board.

These hot yachts and badass boats come from Trend Hunter's archives. You'll find sea monster yachts, eco-friendly speedboats and catamarans that look otherworldly. Which is your favorite of these hot yachts?

Implications - If you too find this question difficult to answer, a simple look through each of these 53 hot yachts may give you a hand. After all, while many won't ever be able to afford any of these amazing boating devices, people can still dream!