Skinny Military Boats Become Luxury Yachts

 - Jul 13, 2007
References: multimarine & happyhotelier
Motor Boat & Yachting of July 2007 features the maiden trip of MarySlim, the first VSV that is built as a motor yacht and gives it a thumbs up especially as to the unexpected smoothness of riding the waves. Cruising speeds of 28 - 35 knots are fabulous in waves without having to re swallow your kidneys!

Very Slender Vessels are developed for use by military and special forces. The hulls are unique because they enable the boats to 'pierce' through large waves instead of skipping over top of each wave.

According to Global security (edited by Happy Hotelier): "It can go faster than any other ocean-going fast pursuit vessel in the world. It is capable of speeds of more than 60 knots, is 53 feet long and cylindrical, with a 10 foot cross-section so it can punch straight through waves rather than go through the top of them..."

Posted here are some photos, credit Neils Obee, from the press release preceding the maiden trip: