29 Yachts Worthy Of Your Mega Millions

 - Jan 7, 2009
I know exactly how I’d spend my Mega Millions check if I hit the jackpot: I’d buy one of these super luxury yachts and cruise around the world on my own personal island. If you’re a daydreaming spendthrift like me--or a well-heeled individual planning your next purchase--the yachts in this slideshow are sure to help focus your search.

Any of these yachts requires a significant investment--like a Mega Millions paycheck, billionaire’s bank account or a professional athlete’s smartly-invested pension. For seafaring yachtsmen, however, such investments are well worth it for a lifetime in a behemoth like The Wally Island, which boasts its own park on the yacht’s deck. Its own park!

If you’re looking for some help spending your Mega Millions check, these yacht selections should help you narrow your choices.