Whale-Like Submarines

 - Dec 8, 2008   Updated: Aug 8 2011
References: jop-design
Jonathan Owen Pearson, has decided that with so many killer yachts roaming on the surface, it's time to duck under the sea.

He conceives a 144 foot luxury submarine that will cruise the coral reefs and shipwrecks and other sea hot spots. He copied the design from nature, imitating the sleek form of the giants of the deep: whales.

The luxury submarine's Twin Jet pumps are run by hydrogen fuel cells.

Implications - Businesses that offer clients ways to experience a sense of luxury and wealth in uncharted territories will be very appealing to high-spending consumers. Products that are able to contribute to an elitist lifestyle or status will generate very large returns amongst this group of consumers. Customers will be willing to invest in lavish products to maintain a particular standard of living.