From Plush Hand Warmers to Wildlife Creature Close-Ups

 - Jul 23, 2012
There are so many adorable penguin products on the market, the majestic arctic-dwelling creature is bound to make an appearance in your everyday encounters. The little tuxedo-colored creatures are adorable in and of themselves, but when paired with household products, art pieces or campaigns their cuteness skyrockets to exponential levels.

You'll be gushing at how darling cute hand warmers, shakers and even eggplants are. The creative potential and possibilities that occur because of penguins is incredible -- this may or may not be true.

These whimsical waddling penguins will make mundane products more interesting, and make your passionate love for penguins blossom and grow. Although you might not live in the arctic, you can still covet any one of these adorable penguin products that pay tribute to the beautiful monochromatic creature.