Dinh Truong Giang Turns Paper into Intricate Animal Art

 - Mar 30, 2011
References: giangdinh & uponafold.au
Vietnamese artist Dinh Truong Giang may just be one of the living godfathers of origami art. The highly experienced artist has taken folding paper to a whole new level of beauty.

Dinh Truong Giang uses a technique called wet folding when constructing his works of art. Wet folding is done by dampening the paper surface to allow it to be more malleable to curve and make distinct features. Since the year 2000, Dinh Truong Giang has been wet folding paper to make amazing animal origami art such as those in the gallery. The Fold Animals series consists of a variety of stunning animal recreations. In the series you can find polar bears, penguins, foxes, cats and much, much more.

I will definitely be paying attention to the future work of Dinh Truong Giang to see what admirable creations he comes up with next.