Alejandro Garcia Renders Animal Faces That Invade Your Personal Space

 - Feb 12, 2012
References: craniodsgn.deviantart & curioos
Alejandro Garcia is well-known for his pop art vector illustrations of celebrities, but in his latest series, he has abandoned human subjects altogether in favor of animals. And rather than simply rendering wildlife as they are usually depicted, Garcia has chosen to draw only their faces in close-ups. Viewers are thus left staring into the eyes of penguins, raccoons, flamingos, wolves and other creatures in a unique perspective not commonly seen.

Though this Alejandro Garcia collection features animals exclusively, audiences will be surprised by how expressive each organism truly is. The flamingo, with its eyes closed, looks serene in a state of sleep. The raccoon, perhaps frightened, appears defensive with a slight hint of fear. Humorously, the penguin looks disapproving, although that may just be the expression found on all penguins’ faces.